About Us

We are a one stop HVAC shop serving Sycamore and Northern Illinois. With 34 years in the business, we continue to grow and find new ways to meet our clients' heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. We also provide refrigeration and cooking equipment for restaurants and institutional clients.

Since 1982, Newton's Refrigeration Specialties has been building a growing group of satisfied clients. We've done it through persistence and dedication to superior customer service. We don't rest until our customers are satisfied. And nothing makes us happier than making homes and businesses warm in winter, comfortable in summer, and safe.

Newton's core of skilled technicians bring years of experience to each job. We are consumate professionals who have insalled hundreds of HVAC systems in homes and businesses. Experience has taught us there is no uniform solution, that each home and building is special. We're trained to listen to you and to work out a solution specially fitted to your needs. We're proud of our work and we're sure you will be pleased.

​Our overriding concern is to make you and your family comfortable. And to ensure a high quality environment for your company and employees.

Call us today and tell us your needs. We'll be glad to help.